Grey Rock

Visualize. Imagine you could turn down someone’s volume, make them mute to you. Imagine you can turn someone’s words into physical hooks, so you could see them for what they were. Imagine you simply chose not to bite them.

Visualize. Imagine a physical rope tying you to someone, and imagine cutting that rope. Imagine standing on an iceberg with someone, and it breaks apart, allowing you both to drift in other directions.

Visualize. You take all of your pain, all of your fury, and you unleash it upon a simple grey rock in a field. The rock is utterly unaffected. If you were to take the rock’s entire existence and view it condensed over a day, all your fury wouldn’t even be a blip on the screen.

Visualize. Imagine clenching your fist around a shard of glass. The harder you tense, the more you bleed. The greater your effort, the greater your pain. Imagine the relief when you simply open your hand and release.


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