Action Alchemy

Most knowledge is useless to most people. Knowledge has no weight, no substance, no effect. Knowing stuff doesn’t change a thing.

That is, until you make it.

Telling someone “Vitamin D makes you healthier” doesn’t make them healthier. In order for that information to have an actual effect, it has to be translated into action. And the reason I say “most knowledge is useless to most people” is most people are terrible at converting knowledge into action.

You can tell people “Vitamin D makes you healthier” until you’re blue in the face, and the majority won’t ever do a thing to get more of it, even if they agree with the knowledge. The extra step of telling people “…so go outside!” is gold.

You don’t need knowledge. You need action. Other people, too. If you really want to help people, you don’t need new information. You just need to help people turn that knowledge into change in their lives. If you do that, you help the world.

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