Ask Away!

It’s possible for me to learn a lot about stuff without talking to other people directly. Tons of good information – more than I could ever consume – is just floating around out there in books and on websites and in podcasts and available to my own observation. If no other human ever talked to me again, I could still learn and learn and learn until the day I died.

But what fun would that be?

I occasionally see people get annoyed when they get asked a question. They say things like “I’m not Google,” or “it’s not my job to teach you this” or whatever. And that’s… technically true, sure. But I love it when people ask me stuff! Why wouldn’t I? If it’s something I know about, I get the joy of teaching it and also growing a relationship with another human. If it’s not something I know a lot about, then I get to discover some interesting new question and all the interesting new answers (and new questions!) that go along with it.

Of course, this might just be my personality. I even found a vocation where people pretty much ask me questions about stuff I know all day, and I really really like it. But I think it might be a general case that folks should be more eager to get asked questions. Sure, it can occasionally get tiresome and you need healthy boundaries. But most people are too reflexively, automatically dismissive when they shouldn’t be.

So, I promise you, if you ever want to know something from me – ask away!

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