Plan for Rain

We have a strong tendency to imagine things we want in their idealized form, and then be sorely disappointed if they’re not. But “not ideal” is a far cry from “bad.” Most things you want, you’d be fine having a little damp.

You want to go on that sightseeing tour of the Eiffel Tower? Guess what, they don’t take it down if it rains a little. We should think about the things we want in terms of that thing being damaged, incomplete, or otherwise bearing unwanted conditions. If you still want it, then go for it! If you don’t, then perhaps you don’t really want that thing as much as you want the sunny day.

So enjoy the sunny day all on its own! Bask in the sunshine, forget the rest. If they line up, great. But they don’t have to – and you can often only appreciate so much at a time anyway.

An umbrella is an accessory for the wise and happy, not the gloomy and pessimistic.

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