Watching In

No one is more capable of harming you than you. If your internal machinery is functioning well, you’re practically invincible. But minor cracks can become major flaws in short order. With the same level of attention you give to potential external threats, watch for the following:

  1. Threats to your mental stability. That means practicing good mental habits, strengthening your emotional resilience, refining your reasoning process, and keeping good notes (or maybe blogging).
  2. Damage to your health. You’re in no condition to do battle with the forces of evil if you’re in the grip of addiction, being eaten away by poisons, or letting your heart wither.
  3. Harms to your virtues and principles. When you’re truly up against the wall and in dire circumstances, the last line of defense will be the man in the mirror. Make sure that’s someone you want on your side.

You are not simply a frail body you inhabit, piloted by a flawed brain. You are a life, and you are the sum total of the actions taken in that life. That means “you” cannot be destroyed, except from within.

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