Turns of Phrase

I have a huge soft spot for a well-delivered but bonkers phrase. There’s just something about the slick pronouncement of utter nonsense that makes me giddy. From Val Kilmer’s awesome “I’m your huckleberry” in Tombstone to Warren Zevon’s slick tones musing: “I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada in Trader Vic’s, and his hair was perfect,” I adore them.

Sometimes people complain that something lacking substance is nonetheless taken seriously because of flashy presentation, and I think that’s a valid complaint. But there’s a reverse – sometimes people think a line or lyric is well-delivered just because it’s good. So when the line itself isn’t, it’s all the more important that the delivery be absolute honey.

Style can be cool for style’s sake, and that’s worth appreciating.

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