The Second First Time

I took my eldest to a showing of the play Camelot. It’s a great story – it ought to be after a thousand years of telling it, in one way or another. This is an old story, is what I’m saying; the fall of Camelot and the final days of the dream of the Round Table isn’t recent news.

But during this show, when Lancelot kissed Guenevere, my daughter (and her friends also in attendance) went berserk.

They didn’t know! They had no idea; this wasn’t part of their foundational cultural knowledge (yet), so this was genuinely a shock to them. And I’ll tell you – watching them react was way more enjoyable than the first time I personally learned the treachery of the tale.

Sharing a first with someone is wonderful. You get to experience your own magic all over again, plus the joy of witnessing from the outside what someone else is going through. This is why we shouldn’t just discard experiences with a “been there, done that” attitude. If something is good, then share it! Bring that joy to others, and watch it multiply in yourself.

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