Minor Changes

Today I made a meal for my kids that I’ve made a thousand times. My chicken-and-rice casserole is a staple of the Roccia household, and all my kids love it. It’s easy to make, so I probably end up making it once a week or so.

Today, due to having some slightly different ingredients on hand, I made a very minor change to the recipe.

You’d think I landed a rocket on the moon and came back with Spider-man. My kids went nuts. They told me they actually loved me more because of how good it was!

So apart from the fact that I’m on cloud nine because of the heaping praise I got for my cooking tonight, there’s also an interesting lesson here. Just because you’ve done something a million times doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth experimenting with a little. Especially if the risk is low, mix it up! Worst case, you have one sub-par experience. Best case, you open up a whole new universe.

And get your kids to love you a little more, too!

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