Playing Catch

Some people throw a ball, and as soon as it’s out of their hand, they’re done thinking about it. “I’ve done my part, the ball is in flight, and whatever happens now is on somebody else.”

Other people throw a ball and need to see it get caught. Without that knowledge, without the visual confirmation that the ball reached its intended destination, they can’t settle their brain. The ball can miss or land, but they need to know.

These two mindsets are very different. There’s nothing wrong with either, but there’s a lot of difficulty in trying to maneuver through life without awareness of which one you are.

This is shorthand for how much information you want about the world. There’s such a thing as information overload, but there’s also such a thing as confused ignorance. Where that line gets drawn is different for each person, and if you don’t land more or less where you want, you’ll be unhappy.

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