The Chips

It’s one thing to let the chips fall where they may. It’s quite another to hand your chips over to someone who has every reason to use them poorly.

The more agency you give someone else over your life, the less you retain. The further that person is from you, the less important you are to them. Therefore, giving someone very far away from you a lot of power over your life is an abysmal choice. You’re volunteering to be a pawn; to be treated as expendable and used for someone else’s gain.

Most of the time, when people fall for the falsehood that is someone else claiming to “want what’s best for you,” it’s because it isn’t a lie. That person might genuinely think they want that – but they have no idea what’s best for you. Only you can know that. They have their own world, and their own agenda, and of course everyone would be better off if they just fit into it. From generals to CEOs, from cult leaders to bossy members of your friend group, everyone thinks they have a Grand Plan that will work out for everyone.

Those people aren’t out to run your life poorly, necessarily. But they will run it poorly, if you let them run it at all.

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