New Month’s Resolution – March 2023

Happy New Month!

When I was much younger (pre-kids), I was pretty obsessed with money. I hustled relentlessly and money was my primary motivator in just about everything. When my oldest was born, I doubled down on that; the additional pressures of fatherhood made me feel like I had to.

Very quickly, I discovered that my rampant chasing of the almighty dollar was really hurting my ability to enjoy the things I really loved. I reprioritized hard and I’m happy to say I’ve had a wonderful relationship with both my children and myself.

But money is still good! Chasing anything in an unhealthy way is, well… unhealthy. But that doesn’t make the thing itself unhealthy, and so it is with money.

So that’s my resolution this month. I’m going to – in a moderate, healthy way – chase a little bit more money. Bring a little of that into balance with the rest of what I do. If my kids object, I’ll listen.

Good luck in all your resolutions!

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