Common Senses

The movements of the masses provide a lot of insight into the shape of the world around you. If you take a moment to step out of the group yourself, you can look back at it and really glean a lot about your own future.

Here are some rules to remember:

  1. The pendulum always swings. If there is something that everyone is currently doing because it’s being touted as an amazing idea, at some point too many people will have done it and it won’t be a good idea anymore. This cycle has been happening forever and always will. That doesn’t mean it’s never a good idea – but it means you should be wary.
  2. Common complaints will happen to you. You’re not immune to life, so if you hear about some particular struggle often, don’t assume you’re never going to catch a piece of it. You too may be sick, unemployed, lonely, or attacked. Be aware of what you’d do if you were.
  3. When someone in power says something that everyone not in power readily agrees with, that thing is a lie.

If you keep those truths in your mind, you’ll avoid a lot of heartache in your life.

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