New Month’s Resolution – April 2023

Happy New Month!

April is always a cherished month here at The Opportunity Machine because this month will mark the blog’s anniversary. In honor of this, I’m setting myself two resolutions this month instead of one.

The first – I will seek out and become more of an active force of good in the world. Recently a parenting moment with my eldest led to a discussion of what it means to be an active force for good, instead of just an “inactive force for evil.” You can’t just avoid the worst acts and expect to improve the world. You must seek out the best ones.

The second resolution is to do more to challenge my own biases about who might be a positive force in my life. One of my flaws is that I can sometimes quickly decide that someone isn’t, and close that door. While I still believe you must evaluate people based on their actions, it may be true that I’m too quick to infer motivations from actions I haven’t put into proper context. I’m going to work on that.

May all your resolutions end in celebrations!

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