The Mix

While it is technically possible to create a food slurry containing exactly the right mix of nutrients for your health such that you never have to consume anything but that again, very few people do that. (Not zero people – I know a few who do, but it’s not many). Even people who don’t eat for indulgence much still eat different foods at different times. A high protein breakfast or a veggie-heavy lunch can both be healthy, but you want them in their respective spaces for a reason.

Okay, now shift gears for a minute. Imagine you have two part-time jobs available to you. One is utterly enjoyable, rewarding, fulfilling, and enriching. It’s a blast, you’re appreciated, and you work with wonderful people doing things you want to do. This job pays minimum wage. There is also a job available to you that you hate and makes you miserable; it isn’t anything immoral or illegal, but it’s unpleasant in the extreme. This job pays you a thousand dollars an hour.

If you could work both jobs in whatever amounts you wanted, what kind of mix would you create?

There’s no right answer, of course. But there is a recognition: we don’t have to get everything we need from one source. We don’t need one friend to share every activity and interest. We don’t need one food to provide all of our sustenance. We don’t have to spend all of our time in one location. And we can split up our vocational efforts to get different needs met.

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