Eight Hundred Pictures

My middle child, who is six years old, took a school field trip today to the Aquarium. She brought along a little digital camera that she has (they’re cheap now, and fun!), taking pictures of her trip. Including this beautiful shot that I am in love with:

Some people might argue that this is a difficult shot for a six-year-old to take. But six-year-olds have a power that most adults lack. You see, this was one of about twenty amazing pictures she took today, out of about eight hundred total.

And it does not bother her at all – the hundreds of blurry shots of nothing, the time it took to capture them, nothing bothers her at all. Adults don’t have that, mostly. They’ve lost the ability to do something eight hundred times in order to get one good example.

But that skill can replace all others. The ability to just roll the dice that many times is the ability to summon miracles at will.

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