Money/Fun Conversion

There’s an imperfect but pretty easy & reliable barometer for career success, and it’s this: how much fun did you have today?

People often think they’ll make more money by sacrificing fun. In fact, they think that a “fun” job can’t possibly be lucrative – after all, who would pay you to have fun?

The truth is, money and fun exist in a symbiotic cycle. If you aren’t having fun, you won’t make much money in the long run. And if you aren’t making money, you won’t have much fun in the long run.

Sure, an un-fun job might pay well. But you won’t last if you’re miserable, so the long-term won’t be filled with fortune. But if you are having fun, you’re much more likely to be engaged in such a way as to notice and even generate new opportunities.

So make sure you’re asking yourself – daily – if you’re having fun. It’s easy to notice if you are or aren’t making money, but if you want to make sure it keeps up, you’ve got to be having fun, too.

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