Neither Now Nor Never

Sometimes, delay is a curse. In such instances, “now or never” can be a good call to action for yourself; a good reminder that you should have a bias for action. But in many circumstances, there’s a third way – and it’s more viable than either.

Often people need to make a major change in their life. They know they do, but they avoid acknowledging that they should do it now. They come up with reasons why now is the wrong time, and they kick the can down the road, blocking it from their minds. When it inevitably rises up again, it’s even worse, even more urgent – and you’re no better prepared.

You don’t need to choose between “now” and “never.” You can say, “In exactly eight months,” for example. And that lets you plan.

You’re not kicking the can – you’re setting reasonable timetables, intelligent goals, and action steps. Things you can achieve. The key is asking yourself: “If not now, when?”

And then actually answering that question with a plan.

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