Why not today?

My (awesome) co-worker Hannah Frankman had an awesome tweet where she talked about things you read having an actual impact on your life. I replied that I think a lot of knowledge is incremental, and builds you as a person over time rather than all at once. But maybe I’m wrong – maybe we could have more of an impact if we took action immediately on things we thought were valuable. How else will we discover what does and doesn’t have actual value?

So if it’s a book, a tweet, a magazine article, a blog, whatever. If it sounds like a good idea and you find yourself saying “Huh, I should look into that,” or “maybe I’ll consider that,” well…

Why not today?

So I started blogging instead of thinking about blogging. I did ten minutes of high-energy exercise this morning instead of thinking about designing an exercise routine. I sent emails to people I wanted to talk to instead of debating a perfect strategy.

Lots of it won’t work. Some of my blogging will be terrible. My exercise was probably laughably bad. My emails might not get responses. So what? I wouldn’t have accomplished anything if I’d just thought about it. Taking any action, even if it fails, gives me data to make the next attempt better. And even if I decide not to continue with something, there’s a world of difference between “I tried something and it didn’t work” and “I never tried.”

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