Yesterday I made my 100th post on The Opportunity Machine.

Neat! Putting my thoughts into public words has been rewarding and I’ve enjoyed it. I have no plans to stop – I think it’s healthy for me. The blog has taken a particular kind of shape, and while I never had any grand designs or plans for exactly what kind of blog this would be, I think it’s taken its shape according to the character of its author.

I definitely think this blog has helped me see the kind of person I want to be. I won’t lie and say that I bare my soul or anything like that here. It’s a public space, and I put my best self forward into it. I share my positive thoughts, the ones I think will be of the greatest help to anyone that might read them.

This blog represents, therefore, a very positive space for me. When I’m thinking about what to write, my thoughts are always in a good, healthy place. Even if there were no other benefit, that alone would be a great reason to continue writing – and reason for me to recommend it to anyone else.

I’ve noticed a few other benefits as well, however. I’ve noticed that I’m more mindful during my days, more attentive to little things that happen around me. I’m always looking for little lessons or anecdotes that can become good blog posts, and that makes me look at things from new angles or be inspired by what might appear to be the mundane. More than once now a co-worker has said something to me and had me say back, “ooh, that’s tomorrow’s blog post…”

It’s also been great as a sort of index of my own thoughts. Often when an idea pops into my head, it’s not at a time when it’s convenient for me to really explore that idea fully. Maybe it’s during a conversation that naturally moves in another direction, or maybe it’s simply while I’m busy with another task. So the seed of an idea will come to me, but it won’t really germinate, instead languishing with a thousand others in the unswept corners of my mind. But here, I can take that idea and really explore it, writing out my thoughts uninterrupted and then bundling them in a package I can find later. In turn, when that idea becomes relevant to another conversation later, I have an easy link to find.

Though the one benefit that I hope for the most is also the one that’s hardest to measure. While this blog has been a great help to me, I also hope it helps someone else, at least a little. No single post or blog will necessarily change someone else’s life, but I hope I’m a positive part of your movement. If you’ve chosen this blog to be a part of your River, I certainly hope I’m part of the push in the best direction for you. Whatever you choose to do in order to be happy, I hope you do a hundred of it, and are deeply satisfied, and keep going.

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