A Thousand Words

When is the envelope as important as the letter?

When it has the address on it.

Or, to put it another way: your method of delivery and how effectively you reach your audience carries as much weight as your message. Moderately good advice that reaches a million people does more good for the world than really great advice falling on only one set of ears. Or eyes, or whatever.

In a conversation I had today, I mentioned that I believe we primarily exist as relationships to other people. “No one is an island,” as they say. That means that no matter how brilliant your work is, you have to find a way for other people to see and hear it for it to really matter. It honestly pains me to think that sitting out there somewhere is the greatest novel I’ve never read, languishing on someone’s hard drive for lack of the marketing knowledge to get it to me.

My work is closely related to this. In pretty much all of my professional channels I try to lower the barriers between the people who would be really great at something if only they could communicate that fact a little better with the people who need to hear the message. I’m happy to say that I’ve brought down many a wall in that category.

I’m less happy to say that I don’t often take my own advice. This blog is a prime example. I have plenty of reasons for writing this, but first and foremost my audience was myself. I wanted to organize my own thinking, have a catalog of my ideas that I could reference for myself. I thought I’d start with just posting for the sake of posting, and then figure it out from there.

Well, that was over two hundred and fifty posts ago. I think I can legitimately start taking steps to promote this without feeling like I’m all fluff and no substance; there’s substance a-plenty in these archives.

So this is essentially an announcement that I’m going to be taking steps to make this blog a little more visible, and you’ll probably see them. But at the same time, I wanted to make sure I was still talking about something of substance, even in this kind of post. So take that advice to heart: you’re allowed to (and should!) promote yourself. Be honest, but be loud. If you fail in life, let it be because you tried your hardest and fell short; there’s honor in that, value to your soul and to the future lives of others. Don’t let it be because you actually succeeded and no one knew about it.

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