Welcome back to the semi-regular segment of “Johnny listens to music and shares it with you.” No rhyme or reason, no pattern. Some new music, some stuff I’ve been listening to for years. Just good stuff.

Kingfish” by Christone “Kingfish” Ingram. This is an absolutely incredible blues album. He’s so talented, and to listen to him you’d think he’d been down and out for sixty years, but this incredible guy is only 20 years old. Go listen.

“Sweet Weaponry” by Cruiserweight. I have such a huge weakness for angsty pop-punk female vocalists. This is a great example.

“New American Language” by Dan Bern. Absolutely incredible singer/songwriter folk stuff. Upbeat driving music mixed with really soulful stuff. “Black Tornado” and “Thanksgiving Day Parade” are particular favorites, but the whole album is gold.

As always, I love hearing about new music! Tell me what you’re listening to!

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