Help Me Help You

I love helping people. It’s one of my favorite things – to have someone ask for my advice, for me to have actual advice that can help, and then for that person to find success as a result. Gives me the warm fuzzies all over.

The problem is that life is chaotic sometimes. There are occasions where someone will ask me something – for advice, a favor, etc. – and I really, really want to help, but am just swamped. I work a lot, I have three kids, and it just isn’t always possible.

My problem isn’t that I can’t say “no.” I have no problems setting boundaries and saying “I’m really sorry, but I’m just too swamped to get to this, but if it’s not urgent we can circle back in the future.” That’s not my problem – my problem is that I genuinely wish I could help more. It’s not just out of altruism; like I said, I get a big sense of satisfaction from it, so there’s personal benefit to me that I love to claim.

There’s good news, though! This blog has been really, really helpful in that regard.

Yesterday someone tagged me on Twitter and asked me for advice and insights on a topic that is 100% in my wheelhouse. But I was very busy, and even though I immediately thought of all the things I would say, I just didn’t have time. Then I realized – those things came to mind easily because I’d written them before, in a prior post on this blog. So I was able to send the link and send the advice, all in about 30 seconds.

That’s just one more benefit of making the time every day to put these thoughts down. It’s so worth it.

So I want to increase the likelihood that I can do more of it! This blog is mostly a “my thoughts, at random, as they come” sort of blog, but I also want to make it known that I’m very open to requests. If there are any topics you’d like me to blog about, let me know! I’ve always said that if you have a question, chances are very good that you’re not the only one, so anything you ask me that I answer publicly may help more than just you. It will definitely help me.

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