Word Checker

I have an idea for a word processing plug-in that would be tremendously helpful to me.

Because of both a generally good sense of how to spell things and the fact that I pay attention to the squiggly red lines, I rarely if ever have spelling errors enter my public writing. We also have blue squiggly lines for grammatical errors, but those are a bit less reliable. Still, I pay attention to them and override them when I choose.

But there’s no whatever-check for “correctly spelled, but incorrectly swapped words.” My most common type of error is short-word replacement: Typing “my” when I meant to say “me,” or “it” when I meant to say “is,” etc. I make maybe 1 of these errors every 2-ish posts. Because those words are small and the eye and mind slides easily over them, I often don’t catch them even upon review.

I need a squiggly yellow line to appear under a pre-set list of words that I can edit, to call my attention to them. A line to say “Did you really mean to say ‘all me posts’ like a pirate, or were you trying to say ‘all my posts’ like a boring but correct person?”

If this already exists, please tell me!

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