Notes, August 2019 Edition

Here’s some music I like!

Let’s Rock” by The Black Keys. The new Black Keys album is great. I know I’m not sharing some huge insight by revealing that the newest album by a popular band is awesome, but maybe you’ve never listened to them before and you’re one of today’s lucky 10,000. I hope so!

Rambler 65” by Ben Vaughn. Ben Vaughn is this very prolific and very weird musician and music aficionado. In addition to recording a number of fantastic albums, he’s also done music for movies and television (so you’ve probably heard him even if you don’t know it) and has a great radio show himself. He recorded this album of awesome old-school rock entirely in a car, rather than a studio.

Hair of the Dog” by Nazareth. This album is just so freakin’ good. Nazareth is way underrated, in my opinion. Every song on this album cooks.

Give It Back To You” by The Record Company. Poetic lyrics combined with incredibly soulful blues rock. This album was so powerful it kept me entirely from doing whatever I was doing when it started playing. It was so good as soon as it ended I replayed it.

More Seduction” by Manda & The Marbles. There’s this very specific style of female vocalist that I just adore, and Manda is it. This album has a strong nostalgic component for me, but I still think it’s objectively great. It’s the kind of music that makes you feel great about feeling sad, like “ennui pop.”

There’s a certain age (or maybe just life stage) where you stop organically encountering new music. Where your tastes freeze over and you can keep listening to the same songs forever. I don’t ever want that to happen to me. I seek out new music all the time, fighting against that trend. That’s why I post this series – just talk about music with me! Tell me what you’re listening to!

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