Small Miracles

I discovered that Spotify has a “sleep timer,” letting me put music on while I fall asleep without it playing all night. While this hasn’t completely cured my inability to sleep well, it’s certainly helped.

I had been using a workout routine that I remembered from a while ago. I did a little research and found a few improvements, some nice new instructional videos, and they’ve helped a bit both in terms of the effectiveness of the workout and my enjoyment of it.

I made a small tweak to my work schedule recently that has both reduced work-related stress and given me more creative/learning time to re-invest in being a better professional.

None of these changes cost me any money or even much time, and none of them involved any real sacrifices or trade-offs elsewhere. In other words, they were low-cost in terms of juice, and while there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, there are definitely snacks that are so low-cost you’d barely notice, but that have a huge benefit.

I tweeted yesterday about the benefit of lowering transaction costs, but you can apply that to transaction costs between your past and future self, too. Your future self wants to buy a healthier body or more money or a higher degree of happiness from your past self, and your past self wants to deliver. Making it easier for Past You to deliver to Future You is essentially the job of Present You.

Look for those small miracles to help you. They add up.

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