My Favorite Mayhem

I’m writing this from a living room full of kids. My three are joined by two of their cousins, and they’re now full of pizza and building magnificent clock towers out of magnetic blocks, arguing about workforce organization (in other words, who the “boss” is), and generally laughing and having a great time.

The ages in this group range from 1 to 12, and it’s amazing how much connection there is. Age-based divisions are bullshit, man. Kids find ways to play no matter what perceived barriers we adults imagine are there.

They’re marvelously creative, capable of solving complex problems (even the one-year-old! Just ask every cabinet he’s not supposed to be able to get into), and kind to one another. The older ones adore sharing knowledge with the younger ones, and the younger ones love soaking it up.

What is a lighthouse, and why do they exist? Why do eggs hatch when they get warm? Why do things fall down when they get too tall? These are the questions I’m getting asked as a natural evolution of the games they’re playing. This is peak parenting gold, right here.

Also, as an aside – there’s a show called “Baby Einsteins,” which is literally just videos of baby toys and art set to classical music. Literally nothing else. It’s heavenly as a background show, lending an air of pleasant calm unlike most shows.

Oh! And speaking of those amazing kiddos, my oldest has requested a guest appearance on today’s entry, so here she is:

“Hi my name is Beansprout. I have a brother and a sister and cousins. I make lots of art for my dad’s wall.” (She does, it’s true!)

And then my two-year-old wants in! Here’s her contribution:

“dqe3333321effdfrffffgggyuuwwww 4445545errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvcnmmm”

Genius, obviously. I will say that she was correctly identifying each letter and number she was hitting, so progress!

My one-year-old mostly just drooled on the site of the computer, but he was very happy about it. Everyone contributed today!

The mayhem is fun. Let it wash over you on occasion. You’re never in the same storm twice, so enjoy it.

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