Go, Ready, Set

You’re never ready for anything. That doesn’t matter. “Ready” is an illusion. You can’t perfectly predict the future, unexpected things happen, and the marginal unit of preparation decreases in value fast.

I suggest aiming for, conservatively, 75% readiness on any serious task, and 50% on any non-vital one. Those numbers are made-up and therefore meaningless, but here’s what I’m getting at: When you’re preparing to do something – look for a new job, buy a house, have a baby – just focus on being generally competent and adaptable and not on a checklist of impossible goals.

Go first, then you’ll get more ready as you iterate. An hour of doing will give you more readiness for the next hour than a week of planning would have given you.

Think about what you’re planning for right now. What things are on the horizon that you’re still in the preparation or even decision-making phase for? What are you “thinking about” doing, or perhaps even hoping for?

Just do that thing. Badly, but today. Then better tomorrow.

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