Invisible Walls

Sometimes, there are huge things stopping us from moving forward, and we can’t see what they are. We think the way looks clear, and we’re confused when our forward momentum is halted – perhaps suddenly! Not only can the sudden stop be unpleasant because you thought you’d get to Point B and you didn’t, but in addition you might have even suffered some loss from the impact. Maybe you sank money into an investment and not only didn’t you get the return you wanted, you lost your stake. Maybe you thought things were going really well with the new person you’ve been seeing, and when it falls apart you’re not only left confused as to why, but you’ve also invested time and emotional effort that’s now lost.

There are some simple steps you can take that, while they can’t prevent this, can at least soften the blow. Don’t be too careless – if you charge ahead heedlessly, you can hit a wall you didn’t even know was there. Trust the opinions of a few others whose intelligence and insight you respect, and seek advice with some regularity. If you always go it alone, you only ever have one angle from which to view things, and maybe from another the wall wouldn’t have been quite so invisible. Don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose in any one endeavor; but remember, you can often bear greater losses than you think. You’ll earn back that money, and you have more emotional effort to give, and you’re not out of time yet.

And if, just if, you work in an office that has floor-to-ceiling glass paneling directly next to doorways, just… maybe watch where you’re going? Your face will hurt less.

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