Good & Narrow

I was speaking with someone yesterday about various impressive accomplishments one could achieve. He pointed out that many impressive accomplishments were no longer unique; even climbing Mt. Everest, while amazing, isn’t a win you could solely own.

Life offers you two solutions to this conundrum. One is to be the absolute best at some broad thing – climb Everest the fastest or something. Difficult in a world of so many people! Option Two is to narrow your focus. You might not be the only person to summit Everest, but maybe you could be the only one to do it blindfolded.

I’m not recommending that directly, of course. I’m just saying that one way to be the absolute best at something is to pick a niche.

Not only is it easier to be the best in a narrower field, but you’ll actually be more distinctive for it. The news doesn’t cover when people climb Everest any more. But it sure would if someone did it blindfolded.

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