New Month’s Resolution – February 2020

Happy New Month!

Okay, January was mostly successful! I’m back to both working out and reading on a regular schedule, which is nice. The blog remains consistent. Work is intense and getting more so, but it feels like in a healthy way and I’m certainly enjoying it. And I’ve actually managed to get some social time in – a whole night of getting together with some old friends!

My book is not done. I’m off-track, no denying it. I work with an amazing writing mentor, and I’ve got meetings scheduled with her to help me get back on track. Sometimes you have to outsource!

Otherwise though, I’m more or less back to baseline, which means I can put a real goal on the books for February. I’d like to get back out into nature at least once this month for another backpacking excursion. I enjoyed my last one so much, and this is still the kind of weather I really enjoy (I don’t like doing anything outside when it’s hot, but I love being outside in the cold). So that’s the resolution – one overnight trip.

Maybe I’ll pack a bag and bring my oldest this time. Depends on her interest, but I think she’ll enjoy it. Wish me (or us!) luck!

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