Happy Hour

My company hosted a virtual happy hour today as a way to keep everyone connected and share a little camaraderie. We’re all scattered across the country (and some even outside of it!), so it’s nice to hop on a video call and share a little face time.

Also, can we just appreciate for a minute how awesome it is to live in the future? I mean sure, we have our complaints. But video calling specifically was something that was firmly sci-fi within my own lifetime, and now it’s so mundane that we’re annoyed when specific sub-features don’t work flawlessly, like adding an imaginary background.

Everything is a frame of reference. Sometimes it’s really beneficial, especially in times of stress, to think about how much better equipped you are to deal with your problems than you would have been a hundred years ago – or even five.

There will always be problems, big and small. They all seem the same size when you’re in them. But there are happy times, too – even if just an hour here and there. You’ll solve the big problems, don’t worry. You will. If you need a little help, I’m here.

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