Nothing happens in a vacuum. All action requires a catalyst; something you use to start the creative process. Problems aren’t solved in your head, they’re solved out in the world – that’s why you need frequent (if not constant) exposure to new information in order to make progress.

Sometimes your typical lines of fuel become so embedded that you take them for granted. Maybe you read particular news websites, maybe you just have interesting conversations with intelligent people, or maybe you just visit the local library. These things become a normal part of your life.

But what happens when something like that disappears? Sometimes we see these things as frivolous or entertaining, so we don’t recognize how important it is to replace the information flow. Some sources of information become comfortable and routine. But not only does that create an echo chamber that limits growth, it also makes it so you don’t realize how important any information – even routine sources – can be to your progress.

Information is fuel. It gives you the ability to make changes, decide on courses of action, and adapt to new circumstances. Don’t take it for granted, and when one line falters, get more – quickly.

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