One Pleasant Day

Go all-in on the nice moments. Really embrace them. You won’t get as many as you want or deserve, so take them for all they’re worth when you get them.

I’m not a big photograph guy. Some people are so obsessed with taking pictures of things that they don’t really experience those things. Not everyone, of course – some people manage to strike a great balance and experience things with the aid of their lens. But I know plenty of people (and you do, too) that are so obsessed with capturing things on film that they don’t ever live in those moments.

I’ve never really been one of those people; I’m a pretty “in the moment” person so I don’t worry much about posterity. Still, occasionally a picture just gets taken of me that makes me glad it exists, knowing I’ll appreciate it down the line.

Today was an excellent day. It was beautiful out and I walked around, watching my children frolic (that’s not an overly-prosaic word in this case, either – there’s really no other word for the way they literally picked wildflowers and giggled through the grass). We ordered pizza from our favorite place, then my children piled onto my lap and we whiled the evening away watching a movie in my theater – and I’m so glad I’m able to pass on my love of the silver screen to my kiddos.

Go all-in on these kinds of days. You won’t have as many as you want.

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