Your Most Valuable Idea

Some ideas, some pieces of knowledge, are worth a fortune over the course of your life. Some talents you possess are your bread and butter.

What’s valuable to you can be valuable to others. Try this thought experiment:

Think of the most valuable single category of knowledge you possess. Maybe you know how to work a piece of equipment that’s complex and produces valuable results. Maybe you know an awesome investment strategy. Maybe you know the secret to writing really well. Whatever your valuable idea is, write it down.

Then, underneath of it, write a list of every person on the planet who doesn’t know what you know.

What? Don’t have enough paper?

Okay, write it down in broad categories. For instance, let’s say that my valuable idea is the fact that I know the secret ingredient to an amazing marinara is one particular spice that’s only common to my area. I could quickly fill my list: “People who don’t live in my area. People who have never had marinara before. People who don’t even know what marinara is,” etc.

The point is, it’s a lot of people.

Think about that. You have an idea that’s valuable enough that it may even be the foundation of your primary income source. And the vast majority of the billions of people on Earth don’t know it.

That’s the real value of your idea. If you want to scale, share.

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