Your life is like a colony of bees. Each day is a drone. Your purpose is the Queen.

In service to the Queen, you can lose tons of individual drones. That means you can lose many days that seem to slip by you, days where you don’t get to relax, days where you feel overwhelmed, days where you didn’t feel like you won. As long as the Queen persists, it’s okay. As long as you’re still working towards that purpose, it’s okay.

But if you lose the Queen, all the drones in the world don’t matter. You can have infinite days stretching out towards the horizon, but what good do they do you without a purpose, some meaning behind them?

Honey isn’t the goal. Honey is the by-product of working towards your purpose. Honey is all the sweet rewards, whatever they may be. You don’t get them by seeking them. You get them by driving towards your purpose.

No day makes or breaks you. Your purpose lives on.

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