Give Me Space

I think many problems are fundamentally unsolvable. But I don’t think that means there’s no way around them.

The reason I think many problems are unsolvable is because solving a problem takes time and effort and thought and those are all finite things. It’s possible that a problem might be solved on an infinite time scale, but we don’t have that. And what often happens before solve a problem (either as individuals or as a society) is we outgrow it.

For instance, allow me to engage in wild speculation for a moment. Take all this with an enormous grain of salt – I’m not an expert here in any sense, so this is just me musing about the unforeseen. That being said, here’s my prediction: we won’t ever solve any of the problems relating to renewable resource use on Earth. We won’t ‘solve’ climate change, non-renewable resources, etc. Because long before we get to the point where we would solve those problems, we’ll just figure out how to live in space and on other planets instead.

Someday all of Earth will be a preserved, historic park. Tourists will come here and take pictures of the “birthplace of civilization.”

Today a private company brought humans to the International Space Station for the first time in history.

We’re going to be okay.

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