New Month’s Resolution – June, 2020

Happy New Month!

I have two resolutions this month.

Resolution the First: I want to revisit my “build something” resolution from my very first New Month’s Resolution post, which was… July of last year? That can’t be right. Have I been writing this long? Anyway, that’s what I want to do this month – build something. Something physical, with my hands. Whether that means assembling a kit or building something from scratch doesn’t matter. I just want to hold objects in my hands and make them take a more orderly shape.

Resolution the Second: I want to be swayed. I want to find an opinion I hold and learn enough to change it, whether it’s from my own research or a compelling argument by someone with a different opinion. This happens accidentally all the time, but I want to see what it’s like to just purposely go find a better way of thinking about something.

Good luck with your own resolutions!

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