New Month’s Resolution – July 2020

Happy New Month!

An interesting, happy-yet-unexpected outcome of last month’s resolutions for me – I achieved both, but not in the sense that I was looking for. I resolved to build a big thing and change a big opinion. Instead, I built a ton of little things and changed a ton of little opinions.

Here’s why I like that – making those things my resolutions for the month set my brain to the task of looking for opportunities to do so, and those opportunities weren’t all big. But I took them anyway, thinking that one of them might turn out big by the end. None of them were groundbreaking, but the end result is just a consistent pattern of behavior rather than single spikes, and I’m very happy with that.

So that’s my resolution this month – to quantify small changes, at least 5, that improve my life. Nothing groundbreaking, but I want to tweak the dials a little on my various habits. Baby steps to a better world.

Have a fantastic month, everyone!

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