Buying Money

Tonight was the first chance my daughter and I have had since my New Month’s Resolution this month to go out and put it into practice. And she had an absolute blast!

This was easily one of my favorite days as a parent. I explained to her the differences between capital expenditures, inventory, and operating expenses (she even correctly guessed what “operating expenses” meant after I explained the other two!), we got to sell side-by-side, and we celebrated with pizza.

I’m on cloud nine, I really am.

We started with her idea – after telling her of the man I met who made a very brisk trade reselling water, that’s what she wanted to try first. So we bought a case of 40 bottles of water for 4 dollars, and in an hour of selling at a local park she’d made $16 back, selling bottles for a dollar a pop. That even more than covered the ice (the aforementioned “operating expenses”) we used to keep the bottles fresh and cold.

She danced while she hustled. She sang while she sold.

When it was time to go, she actually said to me “Wait, let me just do three more pitches…”

My daughter can break wooden boards with a punch, tells strangers that they’re beautiful, confronts bullies twice her size, sings children to sleep, performs in musicals, designs video game levels, and can sell like a champion.

I am so proud my heart might burst.

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