The Proudest

My eldest daughter is, especially for someone her age, very money-savvy. I take her financial education seriously. She knows about saving, investing. She knows about how work translates into money, and how money is a tool.

She has earned money before, many times. She has a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit. She has amazing sales skills and a great work ethic. And she’s opportunity-hungry; savvy about chances to make good trades in life.

She also knows that, as a general rule, it’s awesome when you can combine “getting paid for X” with “really enjoying X.”

There is one milestone that, until today, she had not yet reached. I honestly wouldn’t have thought it would happen for many years, so she’s way way way ahead of the curve.

Today, my daughter received her first paycheck.

She was an actor in a play held by a community theater, as part of their summer learning program for all the various schools and learning centers in the area. It was a paid gig for all involved, and that made no exception for the youngest cast member.

I now understand a deeper facet of this story that I could not possibly have before this day. She will do many things in her life, most of which will be greater in scope or grander in mission. But I may never be more proud than I am today. Today, my daughter did a thing she loved and chased an opportunity at the same time, and made it happen.

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