New Month’s Resolution – September 2020

Happy New Month!

I write a lot. Probably more than most people, I would guess. In addition to this blog, I write pretty extensively for my work and I end up writing a lot of short essays for clients or publications as well.

In addition, I’m writing a book (even though progress got a lot slower due to changes in my work schedule and then a global pandemic changing how my days are organized, the draft is actually 80%-90% finished).

I really love to write, but despite how much writing I do, the amount of writing I don’t do absolutely dwarfs it.

The number of pages I have filled with ideas that have never become more is staggering. The biggest category of these is creative writing projects.

My writing focuses on essays and non-fiction, but I have a great love of literature and always have (fun fact about me: I have five tattoos, and all are quotes from works of fiction). Over the years I’ve done a lot of creative writing – short stories, novellas, even prose. Mostly just for myself. The bug bites me and the only way to fix it is to pour some words on pages for a while.

So this month’s resolution is to engage seriously with that process and try to do more than just scribble in a notebook. If I end up with something readable, I’ll let you know.

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