New Month’s Resolution – October 2020

Happy New Month!

My goals are usually positive. I don’t mean “positive” as in “good and happy,” I mean “positive” in the sense that they revolve around me doing something. A “negative” goal can still be good – quitting smoking, for instance, is a “negative” goal, in that the goal is for you to stop doing a bad thing.

Despite the fact that negative goals can be good things, I don’t usually employ them. I like to fill my life with so much good that there’s no room for bad, rather than focusing on the bad itself.

This month though, I’m clearing some room.

I’ve removed all social media from my phone, and put it behind certain walls even on my computer. Generally I don’t spend a lot of time on social media anyway, but I’m often a junkie for election news. Despite that, I never actually enjoy it or find value in “pop politics,” so this time I’m just making the conscious decision to stay off of it for the whole month (and a few extra days…).

My blog posts will still automatically post to LinkedIn and Twitter (if that’s where you follow me from), and I still use LinkedIn for work so that’s a little different. But if you see me on Twitter, chase me away and remind me that I’m trying to stay clean!

Good luck with your own goals, whatever they are this month!

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