Suit of Thoughts

Lots of people have their normal, everyday wardrobe, and then they have their “work clothes.” For some people, that means casual clothes on the weekends but a suit during the week. Or it might mean pajamas on most days but a smart outfit for meetings. Whatever the case, most people who do this have a routine they use to make sure their “work clothes” are ready before going to work.

Makes sense! You don’t want to worry about finding and assembling your outfit when you’re trying to get ready to go to work. You want the suit of garments you’ll wear to be prepared.

Do the same with your attitude.

Some people go into “work mode” when they’re at work. Maybe they’re more relaxed in their speech at home, but want to be professional in a work environment. Maybe they’re casual about their responsibilities in their own apartment, but have to be buttoned-up at work.

The thing is, if you’re rusty, you want to prepare your thoughts the way you prepare your clothes.

You know that “back to school” feeling you get on the night before returning to work after an absence? You make sure your clothes are all together, your bag is packed, your car has gas in it, all that stuff. But what about your mind? Have you given some thought to how you want your attitude to be different in that environment?

Make some notes, write them down, and put them with your things. Read them out loud as you’re getting ready in the morning. Remind yourself what you’ll do with idle time, how you want to react to stress, and what you want to accomplish. Put on your suit of thoughts the same as anything else.

It’s the most important thing. Don’t neglect it.

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