New Month’s Resolution – February 2021

Happy new month!

Wow, January flew by. I’m happy to say I achieved what I set out to, though! I feel like my work is flowing very well.

While obviously I want to continue that focus, for my actual Resolution this month I want to look at my personal routines. I felt stretched pretty thin last month and I didn’t always feel like I “owned” every hour of the day. Like I was always doing what I wanted with my time. In fact, it’s been a while since I felt like that.

I have a certain kind of scenario that exists in my head that represents “casual relaxation.” It usually involves reading, music, and a specific comfortable chair. It often involves a snack I’ve made myself; I make very good hummus. And while I always enjoy this arrangement when it happens, it’s utterly non-productive in the short term and so I tend to automatically cut it whenever I’m pressed for time. Which is always.

So this month, I’m resolving to do it. An hour of just that, once a week. I’m not going to the moon, here. I just want to relax, four times this month.

Wish me luck!

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