There Are No Fish On Land

“I need a fish.”

Okay. They’re over there in the river. Go get some.

“But I’m not sure what kind of fish I want.”

Doesn’t really matter. There aren’t any fish on land, so no matter what kind of fish you want, you’re in the wrong spot. Go get in the river.

“What if the fish are hard to catch?”

They’re impossible to catch here on land.

“What if I catch the wrong kind of fish?”

Then you let it go and catch a different fish. Right now, you don’t even know what the ‘wrong kind of fish’ is, because you don’t know anything about fish at all. Go in the river and catch some fish, see what happens.

“But it’s wet and cold in the river, plus it’s harder to stand there. It’s warm and dry and easy here.”

There are also no fish here.

“I don’t even know how to catch fish.”

Step 1: Get in the river.

“That’s easy for you to say! You’ve got fish!”

Yes. You’ll notice I’m also wet, because I got this fish from the river. Look, there’s no way around this. Fish are in the river. You can go hungry lamenting that there are no fish on land, or you can try some hare-brained scheme to coax the fish out of the water, or you can just go get wet and get fish.

Some things, even if they’re not easy, are actually very, very simple.

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