Difficulty Progression

Things don’t get steadily easier as you practice, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes there will be spikes of difficulty that can feel like “moving backwards.” In reality, that’s you reaching new levels of mastery.

In the best cases, that is. Sometimes it really is you getting comfortable and starting to atrophy.

See, you can get pretty good at something fairly quickly, and then it can become easy to slip into a comfort zone. Once you’re there, you’ll be, well… comfortable. And you won’t want to get uncomfortable, so you’ll use the same solutions and techniques that work and you’ll stay in your small zone of expertise.

But then those techniques will become boring and tired. So they won’t hold your passion, and so the work will once again start to get harder.

That’s the sign to kick it up. Push harder, try a new thing. Light it on fire again.

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