New Month’s Resolution – March 2021

Happy New Month!

It’s on the 2nd today for two reasons – one, I accidentally got really inspired on a different topic and forgot it was the first of the month yesterday, and wrote something else. And two, because today is my eldest daughter’s birthday and so that puts me in a ‘new beginnings’ kind of mood. Plus, I made up the whole ‘New Month’s Resolution’ thing anyway, so I can do it when I want!

February’s resolution was pretty successful – I managed to create my “relaxation zone” a handful of times and it was very nice. It also made me realize that more of my resolutions need to be in that direction; I’m not in any particular danger of accidentally not working hard. If anything, I’m more likely to push myself past the point of breaking, and I don’t want that to happen. I want to be around for a lot more of my kids’ birthdays.

So my resolution this month is something that comes very naturally for some, but for me requires deliberate action. I want to spend 10 minutes every day in direct sunlight, weather permitting.

I don’t commute to work, and the days have been short, cold and dreary of late. I haven’t had a lot of natural reasons to go outside. But sunlight makes me strong as it does you, and so I’m going to just go let it cover me and fuel me for ten minutes of nothing else each day that the sun chooses to show itself.

This is where it was when I became a father. It’s worth noting.

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