Everyone has to be somewhere. And for the most part, everyone wants to be. You want a place in society that makes sense for you, that stimulates you in the ways that you seek while allowing you to do meaningful things with your time on this planet. That “somewhere” can be a lot of different things – it can be your cabin in the mountains, it can be your religious community, it can be your job, it can be your family.

Each of those somewheres has a different shape. Some people have a problem, which is that they don’t know exactly where they want to be, but they desperately want to be somewhere. So they try not to eliminate any possibilities – but the only way you can fit in all of these different somewheres is if you yourself are shapeless.

But being shapeless isn’t exactly helpful. Part of belonging somewhere is also being meaningful in that place, and there’s no such thing as load-bearing liquid. If you don’t know where you want to be, then work on yourself – who you are is upstream from where you belong. Give yourself some definition, and the right somewhere will come.

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