New Month’s Resolution – July 2021

Happy New Month!

We’re halfway through a year that feels like it both started yesterday and simultaneously has endured for decades. But my own warped sense of time aside, there are things to do!

Last month, I vowed to have a list of goals and projects for myself and my family to complete by the year’s end. I do! I won’t share boring and context-less details with you, but I have several trips with the kids planned, a few projects around the house, and several large professional goals that are all aligned and within sight.

So now to execute! For July, I want to get done a major writing project that I have in front of me. It’s certain to be a career-booster if I execute on it well, so I’m excited about it. When details are relevant, I’m sure I’ll share them here.

Tomorrow is December 31st! Or at least, that’s what it will seem like on December 31st, when you’re saying, “wow, it seems like only yesterday it was July.” Fill in those gaps, and don’t roll through the years without noticing!

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