New Month’s Resolution – August 2021

Happy New Month!

This month, I have a clear goal in mind: family. While family is pretty much always my number 1 priority, this month brings a few new things to the forefront.

First – my little (and only!) sister will be delivering her first child within a few short days. I am going to absolutely bury this kid in love. My sister has had a long road to get here and fought hard for her own family, and I couldn’t be more excited. I want to make sure I really intentionally set aside a lot of time to be there for her and my new niece.

Second – all of my children will be returning to school in September. All of them. This is the last month where they’re just here, present, self-directed and available. I don’t want to miss any of that.

So today I spent the whole day with my kids doing art projects, building things, and going out to dinner. I’ve got a beach trip planned for later in the month, and several day outings. I’ve got some days I’m setting aside from my normal work schedule to be with my sister.

Family always comes first – but this month especially, it’s coming extra-first.

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